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Nutrition Force

We are a team of passionate Nutritionists and Accredited Practising Dietitians that are here to support your journey to better health.

We offer a wide range of nutritional services that include: Private consultations for all sorts of dietary health and weight conditions, Healthy cooking classes for adults and kids, Nutritional workshops to get you back to basics, Weight loss and wellness programs, School and workplace wellness programs, Newsletter and recipe publications.


Weight loss and wellbeing

No matter what your personal health goals are we have the services available to help.

Health Services

Weight loss and wellbeing

We work with a range of health professionals to offer evidence based workshops in health and nutrition.

Kids nutrition

For happy and healthy kids

We have a range of programs for children, their families and whole school communities.

Food & Nutrition

Recipes and classes

Learn how to shop, cook and eat your way to better health.

Said about us

  • “I booked two classes for my son to try and educate him in healthy eating. The classes were navigating the nutritional minefield and junk food made healthy. He really enjoyed them and came home with a new vigour for cooking, he even showed and interest in food shopping! I would highly recommend Nutrition Force for both newbies and experienced cooks as there is always something new to learn. My son also said Lisa was both friendly and knowledgeable and a really good teacher.”

    Trudy Jones
  • “Absolutely superb! I’ve recently gone to a full vegetarian diet, and wanted credible dietician-based advice and recipes to ensure to be confident I’m covering all bases with my nutritional intake. Looking forward to building my comprehensive meal plan. Thanks Lisa!!”

    Luke Harris