5 Secrets to Weight Loss

5 Simple tips to help you lose weight

Two thirds of Australians are overweight or obese and spend up to $1 Million per day on fad diets that don’t work.  So what are the secrets of those who don’t need to lose weight?
1. Shop with a shopping list.  Those who shop with a shopping list weigh less than those who don’t.  If you have a list when you go to the supermarket, then you are less likely to impulse buy foods that are emotionally appealing such as chocolate, ice cream and chips.  It also means that you have planned your dietary week ahead and that makes all the difference.  Knowing what you are going to cook and eat for the week means regular meals and less temptation for take away food which is often high in sugar, fat and sodium.
2. Get a Dog.  Those who own a dog need to walk the dog, increasing their physical activity levels which burns more calories.  Apart from helping to maintain a healthy weight, exercise helps to improve mental health by the release of hormones that make us feel good.  Vitamin D you get from the sun has also been shown to improve mental health as well as assisting in the uptake of calcium which is important for good bone health.  Plus, you will feel loved with a wagging tail and a smiling face to greet you every morning.
3. Control Your Portions.  The size of our plates has increased markedly over the past 100 years to the point where we are eating way more than we should be.  It’s easy to be tempted by a larger meal when it’s offered for only 50 cents more.  This is when you need to stop and think about your waist line and the actual cost to your health of a larger meal rather than just the monetary value.  Our portions at home are also often too large and in the incorrect ratios.  Many of us eat too much meat so try these ratios for your main meal of the day; 50% vegetables, 25% grains or starchy vegetables and 25% protein.
4. Eat Snacks.  Well planned weight loss includes regular snacking of healthy foods to manage hunger, cravings and bingeing.  Good examples of healthy snacks include; fresh fruit, low fat yoghurt, yoghurt or legume based dips with veggie sticks, a handful of nuts and seeds.  Many people ask if they can have more than two pieces of fruit a day and our response is that a third piece of fruit is way healthier than muffin for morning tea.  There’s a lot more sugar in a muffin than in an extra piece of fruit plus many more nutritional benefits such as fibre and vitamins.
5. Eat more Fibre.  For so many reasons fibre is essential for good health and weight management and we should all be eating a diet high in fibre.  High fibre foods contain less calories than other food of the same weight so your energy intake is less.  High fibre foods fill you up and keep you feeling fuller for longer, reducing those Hangry moments.  Due to it taking longer to break down in our digestive system, fibre helps in regulating our blood sugar levels too.  Gut bacteria feed on high fibre foods such as legumes and those with a good gut health find it easier to lose weight.  We could go on and on and on about the benefits of fibre but we won’t. EAT. MORE. FIBRE. That’s all.


If you would like to lose weight then our Accredited  Practising Dietitians are the people to see.  Highly qualified in a range of dietary and health areas they help many people to lose weight.  We personalise eating plans to fit in with your lifestyle and budget and can even come to your home and help clean out your pantry of all the unhealthy food, teaching you good eating habits along the way.  And if you need some help cooking healthy food then we have a range of healthy eating cooking classes that receive 5 star reviews on a regular basis.  Contact us today for more information (08) 9385 7755.

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