We wish to advise that we are no longer offering dietetic consulting. Please call Lockridge Medical Centre or Illawarra Medical Centre if you would like to make an appointment with Kelly McKimm.

Weight Loss Program 

Want to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight, get a healthy and happy life you have come to the right place. We are a team of Nutritionists and Accredited Practising Dietitians who can help you out to lose weight and live a healthy life. Meal plans for sustainable, lifelong weight loss the healthy way. Includes access to all our recipes and printable inspiration tips fact sheets, shopping lists, action plans and more.

Healthy Recipes

Eat Well, Live Well

Welcome to the Nutrition Force community. This page is where we share our favourite members recipes with you so you can shop, cook and eat your way to better health. Over 100 healthy recipes created by our team of nutritionists with analysis of 14 nutrients including B12, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin C and more. Also over 10 different categories to choose from, lactose-free, gluten-free Don’t forget to rate the recipes so the whole community can benefit from your experiences. Bon Appetite.

Radio Interview

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We are a team of Passionate Accredited Practising Dietitians & Nutritionists in Perth and we are here to support your journey to better health. We have clients travelling for over three hours to come and see us for a range of dietary and health related conditions. 

We also receive referrals from over 150 GP’s and specialists throughout WA for those on health care plans and with more complicated health conditions.  Not only that, we collaborate with Edith Cowan University to provide practical placement for their nutrition students so you can be assured of the highest possible nutrition and dietetic service around. Learn more about Nutrition Force →

When you are deciding which company to book in with ask what qualification’s and accreditation’s their health professionals hold.  Our Accredited Practising Dietitians have studied the science of nutrition and dietetics for a minimum of 5 years and hold accreditation’s with the Dietitians Australia.  Do you want solid advice from a health professional or from someone with a certificate or two in nutrition?

Our dietitians also have Medicare issued provider numbers which means you should receive a rebate from your health insurance company.  We also don’t on sell anything.  If something is too good to be true, it probably is.  Don’t fall for the promise of a free service and then be pressured into spending hundreds of dollars on products. If you want a professional service that provides personalised advice then you’ve come to the right place.

We operate from various locations across Perth’s northern suburbs, southern suburbs, eastern suburbs & western suburbs. Nutrition Force Clinic Locations

Your journey to better health with our Perth Dietitians

No hard sell and no cookie cutter solutions. We offer a highly professional, personalised and friendly service.

We have clients travelling for over three hours to come and see us for a range of dietary and health related conditions.  We also receive referrals from over 150 GP’s and specialists throughout WA for those on health care plans and with more complicated health conditions.

Gastric conditions and diseases are our specialty and we consult with many clients who have suffered for years or decades and sometime their whole life with debilitating symptoms.  Migraines, persistent cough, skin conditions, nerve and pain sensitivity and many other symptoms can be related to diet and food chemicals.  Many of our clients experience relief from symptoms within two weeks following our advice.  

However, we see a range of clients ranging in age from toddlers to people in their 90’s for all dietary related health conditions including bariatric surgery, children’s dietary issues, weight loss, diabetes and so much more.

Our health is the most important thing that we have while we are on this earth. If your body is not allowing you the freedom to achieve your best life, then it’s time to come and see us. Our Perth dietitians are here to help with dietetic consultations from several dietetic and weight loss clinics in the northern suburbs, southern suburbs, eastern suburbs and western suburbs.


adult consultation


Weight loss and wellbeing

No matter what your personal health goals are we have the dietitian and nutritionist services available to help. Our weight loss program is quite irresistible if you follow our guidelines.

Corporate wellness

Health Services

Corporate Wellness

We work with a range of health professionals to offer evidence based workshops and cooking demo’s in health & nutrition in every area of the business community throughout WA.

kids nutrition

Kids nutrition

For happy and healthy kids

We have a range of programs for children, their families and whole school communities.

Food & Nutrition

Recipes and classes

Learn how to shop, cook and eat your way to better health.
Get combined support of Accredited dietitians and nutritionists.

What People said about us?

  • “I booked two classes for my son to try and educate him in healthy eating. The classes were navigating the nutritional minefield and junk food made healthy. He really enjoyed them and came home with a new vigour for cooking, he even showed and interest in food shopping! I would highly recommend Nutrition Force Perth for both newbies and experienced cooks as there is always something new to learn. My son also said Lisa was both friendly, knowledgeable and a really good teacher.”

    Trudy Jones
  • “Absolutely superb! I’ve recently gone to a full vegetarian diet, and wanted credible dietitian advice and recipes to ensure I’m covering all bases with my nutritional intake. Looking forward to building my comprehensive meal plan. One of the best in Perth. Thanks Lisa!!”

    Luke Harris

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