Avozilla’s Versus the Humble Avo

Avozillas have hit the shops and been selling out faster than a bag of chips thrown into a flock of seagulls!

So, what can you do with a 1.2kg avocado and how do they compare nutritionally to the standard sized avocado? Brace yourselves for an avozilla sized shock!

Our dietitians recommend no more than a quarter of an avocado in one meal because of the high fat content. Any more and the kilojoules (and extra weight) starts to add up.

A medium sized avocado, weighing 160g has 1378kj of energy and 34 g of fat of which about 20% is saturated fat (7g).

Avozillas can weigh anywhere between 1- 1.8kg so our analysis is on a 1.2kg beast. The energy content came in at 10,404kJ, total fat 259 g and saturated fat 58 g which is enough to give anyone an avozilla sized heart attack!

If you can’t resist spending $14 on one of these dinosaur sized fruits, then what can you do with it? Firstly, if you plan to attack it on your own then be sure how to slice it open. We don’t want you being defeated by this monster and ending up in emergency because you try to karate chop your very sharp knife in to the seed and stab your hand instead. (Sound familiar??)

As with any avocado, start at the top, slice it downwards towards the bottom, then gently twist open so you now have two halves. The seed will appear on one side only, so repeat slicing that half  from top to bottom so you now have two quarters. Then you should be able to gently twist the seed out from the fruit with your hands or a spoon.

Once open, oxidation will quickly turn the flesh brown so if you don’t use all of it immediately, you can either wrap the remaining fruit in plastic wrap or with today’s war on waste, you can place it in an air tight container or sprinkle a little lemon juice over the top.

If you are having a party or feeding a crowd, then we have added our recipe for guacamole to our web site. The recipe is for 2 medium avocados which is 320g, so you can make up four batches with one Avozilla! Great for feeding the masses and a great match with our Pita Chips with Paprika.

Happy cooking!


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