Bariatric Nutritional Advice

A New Start, A New You

Nutrition Force work with Perth’s leading medical specialists to offer dietetic support & education to patients having undergone or preparing for bariatric/weight loss surgery (sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, gastric banding). 
We have put together a team of health professionals to improve you chance of weight loss success! Many people regain the weight post surgery as they don’t have the skills, knowledge & habits to make the changes necessary for long term weight loss. 
Having most of your stomach removed to achieve your weight and health goals is only the beginning of a life long journey.  And once most of your stomach has been removed, if you regain the weight there are not a lot of other options left.  Make your surgery work for you.  Join our Healthy Lifestyle Practitioners for a three hour workshop that will get you started on the right path.
The first half will be spent with our psychologist who will cover the following topics:
  1. How to manage new found attention from others as weight drops
  2. How to manage eating in restaurants/friends homes etc
  3. In cases where food was an emotional management tool, what happens now?
  4. Grief and loss associated with changes to eating behaviour
  5. How the body has adjusted to rapid weight loss i.e. excess skin etc.
  6. How have friends and family responded/changed in light of weight loss?
  7. How have you changed personally due to weight loss?
  8. How has this impacted your relationships/work?

The second half you will get to learn about the nutritional aspect of your new self with one of our Dietitians:

  1. 5 food groups & food variety
  2. Bariatric nutritional needs Vs AGTHE
  3. Food marketing, food labels and food dollars
  4. Portion sizes versus serving sizes. How much should I eat post-surgery?
  5. Weekly menu planning & shopping
  6. Healthy Food Swaps
  7. Liquids, Sugar & Dumping

All workshops are held in our Osborne Park clinic and have a maximum number of 16 people per class.

We also offer Bariatric cooking classes to show you the most nutritional (and family friendly) recipes and methods of cooking for your new body.
Private Health insurance rebates may apply and those on a mental health care plan may be eligible for a Medicare rebate.

Our team of Bariatric Health Professionals are  well qualified in a variety of dietary and mental health conditions.  We work together in a caring environment to get you the results you want. 
We also offer individual consultations which are designed to help you take back control of your future through knowledge, education and understanding– because really, you are what you know!

Have any questions?

For more information contact us today or ask your surgeon or GP for a referral.
Medicare rebates apply to eligible patients.
Private health insurance rebates may apply.
All patients will be invited to join a closed Facebook Bariatric Support group run by our team to offer ongoing support and dietary advice.
Join our Bariatric FaceBook page: Bariatric Support Group Australia

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