Magnesium & Mental Health

ShareTweet Most of us have heard of magnesium but many of us don’t know what it does and why it is important in the diet. Magnesium is a mineral essential for good health, with almost 50% stored in our bones and the rest in soft tissues through the body. It has a huge range of functions...
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Food Dollars

ShareTweet Have you ever stopped to think about how much you pay for whole food compared to packaged food?  We regularly hear people state that it is cheaper to buy processed food and it is expensive to eat well.  Like many issues with Health and Nutrition, it gets down to education, or lack of it.  All...
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Somewhere Over the Food Rainbow

ShareTweet Somewhere Over the Food Rainbow Have you ever heard the phrase – Eat A Rainbow?  This is a phrase we use often in our school and corporate workshops as it is an easy way for us to communicate to people to start eating a more nutritionally balanced diet.  We see many people who eat the...
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Mindful Eating

ShareTweet Mindful Eating Recently, whilst eating out at a large and very busy restaurant, I looked around at the diverse group of patrons and noticed a significant number of diners on their phones, mindlessly stuffing bite after bite into their mouths before they’d even finished the last bite. It made me think that if people were...
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Beating the Winter Blues

ShareTweet Beating the Winter Blues The days are getting shorter, the wind is whipping through our city and the temperature is dropping. Yes, winter is descending upon us. Short, cold, wet days can often affect how we feel and you may have noticed feeling a little down as the cold, wet season kicks in. Seasonal Affective...
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Forever Young

ShareTweet Forever Young Last night (18/6/17) Chanel 7 presented on their Sunday Night program, a story titled Forever Young. It was enjoyable viewing, however, as a nutritionist, my mind was ticking over with thoughts of the questions I’m often asked by our customers in our cooking classes and clinic as well as the thought of millions...
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ShareTweet Protein Did you know that the word protein originates form the Greek work Protos, meaning first?  This reflects how important protein is in our body with it being the second most abundant compound in our body, behind water.  Unfortunately, there has been lots of misinformation circulating about protein and how much we need in our...
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The Hunger Games

ShareTweet The Hunger Games Every second of every day, every cell in our body is fighting for survival. As a species, it’s survival of the fittest but as an individual our body does everything it can to stay alive. Without food, we cannot survive so our body has mechanisms in place which make us hungry so...
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The A – Z of Nutrition

ShareTweet Here’s our light-hearted overview on the A – Z of nutrition. A – Vitamin A. A fat-soluble vitamin found in veggies and essential for eye health. It is the most common form of nutrient deficiency blindness in the world. One 14 year old Australian boy recently went blind due to Vitamin A deficiency, so kids...
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Nutritional Needs for Kids

ShareTweet Who knows what the 5 food groups are? And do you know why there are 5 food groups? Many people I speak with can’t answer these two questions. So how do they know about good nutrition and healthy eating?   I’ll get to that later… Recently we consulted with a teenage foster child whose BMI was...
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The Skinny on Sugar

ShareTweet Sugar & Healthy Eating Sugar is one of the most talked-about topics in the health industry worldwide. There is constant debate about the role of sugar in causing health problems like obesity, tooth decay and diabetes. All of this conflicting information can be confusing, leaving you with questions such as ‘which sugars are the bad...
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Hot Food Trends for 2017

ShareTweet What’s Hot and What’s Not So, it’s the start of the New Year and already millions of people with good intentions to lose weight have fallen off the weight loss train and gone back to their old habits.  It’s the glossy, air-brushed, beautiful promotion of the one size fits all fad diets that inspires the...
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Food Challenges

ShareTweet The Truth About Food Challenges Spoiler Alert – Sorry to burst the food challenge bubble but there are a few truths about food challenges that is not reported on.  For those who get queasy talking about bodily functions, vomit and so forth, then it is highly recommended that you leave this page now.  For those...
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Kids after school cooking classes

ShareTweet Kids After School Cooking Classes Due to the popularity of our school holiday cooking classes, we have now introduced a regular after school cooking program that runs every 4 weeks.  Our cooking classes have kids eating nutritious food they previously didn’t like and going home to teach parents the basics of healthy eating which the whole...
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How to Reduce Your Food Miles

ShareTweet How to reduce your carbon footprint and food miles Many of our clients are aware of their environment and make conscious choices to reduce their carbon footprint.  Food miles are a way of measuring how far food has travelled before it reaches your home and the impact that journey has on the environment. This may...
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Vitamin C

ShareTweet Vitamin C Functions of Vitamin C Vitamin C is one of the better known vitamins with an array of important functions in the diet.   It is needed for normal growth and development and is well known for its antioxidant and immune defence properties helping to reduce the longevity and intensity of cold’s and flu’s.  It...
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Coffee – Nectar of the Gods

ShareTweet Liquid Intelligence, The Elixir of Life, Nectar of the Gods. Whatever you like to call it, most people will know what these names refer to.  The topic of coffee comes up a lot in conversation as a nutritionist and one of the most frequently asked questions is… How much coffee can I drink?  Like many...
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5 Secrets to Weight Loss

ShareTweet 5 Simple tips to help you lose weight Two thirds of Australians are overweight or obese and spend up to $1 Million per day on fad diets that don’t work.  So what are the secrets of those who don’t need to lose weight? 1. Shop with a shopping list.  Those who shop with a shopping...
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When 100% really means 50%

ShareTweet Food Label Claims Food manufacturers use their packaging as advertising space to try and sell their product….and it can be very misleading.  Take frozen crumbed chicken for example.  Many food manufacturers state that their product is 100% chicken breast.  Now while this may be true, they don’t mention on the front of the box that...
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The Real Cost of Chocolate

ShareTweet The Real Cost of Chocolate It feels like every year, Easter gets closer.  The supermarkets only just pack up all their Xmas decorations and almost immediately we start seeing Easter displays popping up.  They try to cash in on every dollar of our hard earned money by selling Easter eggs, hot cross buns, fluffy animals etc....
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Water – An Essential Nutrient

ShareTweet Staying Hydrated If you stop to ask someone in the street how much water they should be drinking on a daily basis, most people will guess about 2 litres.  How much we need is dependent on several factors such as age, gender, genetics, physical activity levels, our diet, where we live, pregnancy and the weather....
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Iodine – Essential for healthy growth

ShareTweet Iodine, Hashimoto’s Disease and Veganism Iodine is one of several nutrients that is seen in deficiency in vegetarians, especially vegans, due to the lack of animal products, primarily fish and seafood, in the diet.  So why is iodine so important and what are some non-animal food sources of iodine?  Not only that… what the heck is...
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Vitamin D

ShareTweet Are you getting enough? Nearly one in four Australians (23%) may suffer from vitamin D deficiency with this percentage increasing in the winter months. This is a problem as vitamin D is an essential nutrient for overall health, in particular for strong healthy bones and functioning of muscles, lungs, immune system and the brain. Some of the major...
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Is This Food Good or Bad?

ShareTweet A Quick Guide to Reading Food Labels Hippocrates once said: “All things in nutriment are good or bad relatively.” In other words, food eaten in moderation is neither good nor bad for you. Take an apple, for example. Some people like to eat the entire apple-core, pips and all – and while a few pips...
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