Dieting – Why do we do it? Dieting has become common and normalised in our society with many of us having an unhealthy or disordered relationship with food. Studies indicate that up to 82% of the population is ‘sometimes’ or ‘very often’ on a diet. Our culture has been brainwashed into thinking that ‘ultra-thin’ is...
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With the start of the new school year so close we thought we’d offer some healthy food suggestions and lunch box ideas to make sure your kids are off to a healthy start. Breakfast Many breakfast cereals are laden with sugar so learn how much is in the product you feed your kids and choose...
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Carbs, carbs, carbs! Should you give up carbs? People talk about carbs like they talk about wicked step-mothers in fairy tales. But do carbs deserve such a bad rap? We don’t think so and here’s why… Carbohydrates provide our bodies with fuel to produce energy just like a car needs fuel to run. They are...
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Magnesium Most of us have heard of magnesium but many of us don’t know what it does and why it is important in the diet. Magnesium is a mineral essential for good health, with almost 50% stored in our bones and the rest in soft tissues through the body. It has a huge range of...
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Food Dollars Have you ever stopped to think about how much you pay for whole food compared to packaged food?  We regularly hear people state that it is cheaper to buy processed food and it is expensive to eat well.  Like many issues with Health and Nutrition, it gets down to education, or lack of...
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Somewhere Over the Food Rainbow Have you ever heard the phrase – Eat A Rainbow?  This is a phrase we use often in our school and corporate workshops as it is an easy way for us to communicate to people to start eating a more nutritionally balanced diet.  We see many people who eat the...
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Forever Young Last night (18/6/17) Chanel 7 presented on their Sunday Night program, a story titled Forever Young. It was enjoyable viewing, however, as a nutritionist, my mind was ticking over with thoughts of the questions I’m often asked by our customers in our cooking classes and clinic as well as the thought of millions...
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Protein Did you know that the word protein originates form the Greek work Protos, meaning first?  This reflects how important protein is in our body with it being the second most abundant compound in our body behind water.  Unfortunately, there has been lots of misinformation circulating about protein and how much we need in our...
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The Hunger Games Every second of every day, every cell in our body is fighting for survival. As a species, it’s survival of the fittest but as an individual our body does everything it can to stay alive. Without food, we cannot survive so our body has mechanisms in place which make us hungry so...
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Here’s our light-hearted overview on the A – Z of nutrition. A – Vitamin A. A fat-soluble vitamin found in veggies and essential for eye health. It is the most common form of nutrient deficiency blindness in the world. One 14 year old Australian boy recently went blind due to Vitamin A deficiency, so kids...
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We have clients travelling for over three hours to come and see us for a range of dietary and health related conditions.  We also receive referrals from over 150 GP’s and specialists throughout WA for those on health care plans and with more complicated health conditions.

Gastric conditions and diseases are our specialty and we consult with many clients who have suffered for years or decades and sometime their whole life with debilitating symptoms.  Migraines, persistent cough, skin conditions, nerve and pain sensitivity and many other symptoms can be related to diet and food chemicals.  Many of our clients experience relief from symptoms within two weeks following our advice.

However, we see a range of clients ranging in age from toddlers to people in their 90’s for all dietary related health conditions including bariatric surgery, children’s dietary issues, weight loss, diabetes and so much more.

Team of Nutritionists and Dietitians

We share our knowledge and our personal stories to inspire, educate, and motivate you, and show you that being healthy can be simple and fun.


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