Nutritional Needs for Kids Who knows what the 5 food groups are? And do you know why there are 5 food groups? Many people I speak with can’t answer these two questions. So how do they know about good nutrition and healthy eating?   I’ll get to that later… Recently we consulted with a teenage foster...
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Sugar & Healthy Eating Sugar is one of the most talked-about topics in the health industry worldwide. There is constant debate about the role of sugar in causing health problems like obesity, tooth decay and diabetes. All of this conflicting information can be confusing, leaving you with questions such as ‘which sugars are the bad...
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Functions of Vitamin C Vitamin C is one of the better known vitamins with an array of important functions in the diet.   It is needed for normal growth and development and is well known for its antioxidant and immune defence properties helping to reduce the longevity and intensity of cold’s and flu’s.  It also stimulates...
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Staying Hydrated If you stop to ask someone in the street how much water they should be drinking on a daily basis, most people will guess about 2 litres.  How much we need is dependent on several factors such as age, gender, genetics, physical activity levels, our diet, where we live, pregnancy and the weather....
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Iodine, Hashimoto’s Disease and Veganism Iodine is one of several nutrients that is seen in deficiency in vegetarians, especially vegans, due to the lack of animal products, primarily fish and seafood, in the diet.  So why is iodine so important and what are some non-animal food sources of iodine?  Not only that… what the heck is...
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A Quick Guide to Reading Food Labels Hippocrates once said: “All things in nutriment are good or bad relatively.” In other words, food eaten in moderation is neither good nor bad for you. Take an apple, for example. Some people like to eat the entire apple-core, pips and all – and while a few pips...
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Virginity and Good Health Did you know that at the first Olympics, in Greece in 1896, the first prize winners received an olive wreath to wear upon their heads? The olive wreath is still synonymous with the Olympics, however, there is so much more to this humble fruit than decorative head ware. If you are...
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No hard sell and no cookie cutter solutions

We have clients travelling for over three hours to come and see us for a range of dietary and health related conditions.  We also receive referrals from over 150 GP’s and specialists throughout WA for those on health care plans and with more complicated health conditions.

Gastric conditions and diseases are our specialty and we consult with many clients who have suffered for years or decades and sometime their whole life with debilitating symptoms.  Migraines, persistent cough, skin conditions, nerve and pain sensitivity and many other symptoms can be related to diet and food chemicals.  Many of our clients experience relief from symptoms within two weeks following our advice.

However, we see a range of clients ranging in age from toddlers to people in their 90’s for all dietary related health conditions including bariatric surgery, children’s dietary issues, weight loss, diabetes and so much more.

Team of Nutritionists and Dietitians

We share our knowledge and our personal stories to inspire, educate, and motivate you, and show you that being healthy can be simple and fun.


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