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Children do so much every day; they really need the right fuel to give them the energy and nutrients to do all that learning and growing. It is vital kids nutrition is up to standard, but sadly, many kids fuel their bodies with the wrong types of food, commonly consuming extra saturated fat and sugar that they simply don’t need.

The foods children consume during childhood can form their eating habits for life and determine their short and long-term health. About 26% of children between 5 and 14 are classified as overweight or obese today and many of these children feel the burden of their weight through social isolation, teasing, or even bullying. It’s heartbreaking for parents to see their kids going through social or health challenges, but the good news is that every parent can help their child thrive by giving them the best foods possible.

Our Kids Nutrition and cooking classes are super fun and informative and will fill you with confidence and inspiration to look after your family’s wellbeing.
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If you’re the parent of a toddler refusing to eat or only eating certain foods, or a primary school child fighting with you at meal time, then taking one of our nutrition workshops could be the turning point in your fussy eater’s relationship with food. If you have an older child dealing with the challenges of carrying extra weight, you could help them gain some confidence and lose the extra kilos through building your nutritional knowledge. We also offer a range of cooking classes that will give you the skills and knowledge to cook delicious and nutritious meals for the whole family.  Click on each class for more information and to book online.

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  • I can take everything I learnt today and implement it at home. I loved the ideas on how to prepare healthy lunches for kids and the card they gave us about reading food labels. The thing I liked the least was learning how much sugar I have been feeding my family. This is something that I will definitely change!!! The presenter was amazing and very helpful and everything was explained very well.


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