Motivation from someone like you

Motivation from someone just like you

As nutritionists and dietitians it is often presumed that we are these perfect strict professionals that never make mistakes with our eating habits. However, it is because we love food so much that we have chosen to make this our profession and just like everybody else we have our bad habits relating to food. It is these small habits that can turn into big habits that can rule your life if you let them.

I have just recently turned 27 and find myself self-reflecting on certain aspects of my life. It’s easy enough to complain to friends about why you cannot do something; “I wish I could start exercising regularly but I have no free time”, “I wish I had more time to take my dog for a walk each day”,” I wish I could eat healthier but my partner doesn’t like it when I cook healthy things”.

It is another thing to start putting plans in motion. This is where I have developed a strategy to help me with the things that I would like to change in my life. For example, I have bitten my nails for as long as I can remember and have always told myself I would stop one day. A couple of weeks ago I came to the realisation that that day was today and decided to stop. After one week of not biting them they were looking amazing! I figured well that wasn’t that hard! So while I was feeling positive and accomplished, I decided to set myself another goal.

The next goal I set for myself was to prepare my own breakfast everyday for a week. Once the week was over I was so happy with myself for going through with it I decided to set myself another goal for the coming week. And this is the strategy that I implement into my life to allow for gradual lifelong change. I pick something in my life that I would like to eliminate or change and allow myself one week to complete.  Once the week is over I assess how I went and whether I can continue it in the future.

Doing it for one week seems less daunting compared to placing too many restrictions on yourself. However, if it is a habit that you really need to kick, allow yourself a month then self reflect at the end of the month, and be honest with yourself. Assess if you really need that habit back in your life or whether your life will be better without it. Once you change a few small things in your life you will feel like you can tackle anything! 

Written by Kirra Hycza Owens, Nutritionist

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We have clients travelling for over three hours to come and see us for a range of dietary and health related conditions.  We also receive referrals from over 150 GP’s and specialists throughout WA for those on health care plans and with more complicated health conditions.

Gastric conditions and diseases are our specialty and we consult with many clients who have suffered for years or decades and sometime their whole life with debilitating symptoms.  Migraines, persistent cough, skin conditions, nerve and pain sensitivity and many other symptoms can be related to diet and food chemicals.  Many of our clients experience relief from symptoms within two weeks following our advice.

However, we see a range of clients ranging in age from toddlers to people in their 90’s for all dietary related health conditions including bariatric surgery, children’s dietary issues, weight loss, diabetes and so much more.

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