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Welcome to the Nutrition Force community. This page is where we share our favourite members recipes with you so you can shop, cook and eat your way to better health.  Don’t forget to rate the recipes so the whole community can benefit from your experiences.  Eat well, live well!


Stewed Fruit with Vanilla and Cinnamon YoghurtThis is a very versatile recipe that you can eat instead of high sugar, processed desserts. You can use fresh or frozen fruit, substitute the plums and apples for berries, stone or other fruit and eat it hot or cold. Make up a double batch and freeze some for a convenient treat when you feel like something yummy after dinner. Vegans can use a vegan or coconut yoghurt instead of natural yogurt. Percentage Daily Values are based on the daily nutritional requirements of females aged between 19-50.
Mediterranean OmeletteThis recipe gives you variation in your cooking repertoire. One omelette provides over 150% of your RDI for vitamin C which is great for helping to reduce stress levels and support your immune system. Plus it contains over 25% of your RDI for calcium too! Try it today.
Pumpkin SoupA quick and easy soup to nourish your bones! It contains approx 30% of your RDI for calcium, 50% of your RDI for vitamin C and about 30% of your RDI for fibre plus so many more essential nutrients. Make a double batch and freeze for convenience.
Poached Eggs on Toast with AvocadoMany of our clients don't know how to poach eggs and they are such a great option for breakfast. This recipe is super simple and provides you with such a wonderful combination of nutrients to keep you full until lunch time. Add just a small splash of vinegar to the water makes the egg white firm faster to minimise them dispersing in the water.
HummusChick peas are a type of legume which belong to both the vegetable and protein food groups as they have the nutritional profile of both groups. This makes them a good source of protein, carbohydrate, fibre and magnesium as well as other nutrients. Make up a batch for yourself and freeze into small containers to take to work as a healthy snack. It is also delicious on toast with sliced tomato for breakfast. Enjoy!
Ginger TeaThe Chinese drink Ginger Tea to help with upset tummies. Here is an authentic ginger tea recipe to warm your bones in winter and soothe upset tummies.
Super Salmon PattiesThese tasty little patties are super easy, super quick and super delicious! Great for school and work lunches.
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