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Welcome to the Nutrition Force community. This page is where we share our favourite members recipes with you so you can shop, cook and eat your way to better health.  Don’t forget to rate the recipes so the whole community can benefit from your experiences.  Eat well, live well!


Guacamole is a quick and easy dip full of goodness, including the healthy fats that will make your heart and brain very happy.
Porridge with Vanilla and CinnamonA winter warming breakfast that is quick, delicious and easy to make. The oats used in this recipe will keep you fuller for longer and help to lower the "bad" cholesterol. It also contains 25% of the recommended daily calcium intake and is very low in sodium. Enjoy!
Baked Beans Toasted SandwichThis breakfast recipe is a great source of calcium, providing 30% of the RDI. It is also a great source of fibre and contains four of the five food groups: dairy, grains, vegetables and protein!  
Apple and Berry CrumbleEnjoy a healthy twist on the traditional apple and berry crumble! With the addition of oats and whole fruit, this dessert offers almost one quarter of our daily fibre needs.
Fucci SoupThis soup is a delicious and hearty addition to any meal time. It provides half the amount of energy and fat than store bought soups, and is a good source of fiber. Minimal ingredients and bursting with flavour, what more could you want!
Fabulous French ToastAdd some variety to your breakfast with this easy and delectable french toast recipe.
Banana and Date CakeHere is a delicious homemade alternative to commercial banana breads. A convenient snack or healthy treat which provides five times less saturated fat and half the amount of sodium than shop bought banana bread!
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