School Nutrition
Does your school canteen follow the Traffic Light system?

Many schools understand the importance of healthy eating amongst their students but are confused about which foods meet the criteria for being healthy and which food fits in to which category. 

Nutrition Force conducts canteen reviews that will help to sort out the good from the bad and everything in between.

Some of the schools we've worked with

School Nutrition Programs

We custom design all our school nutrition programs to suit the needs and health issues of each individual school. By introducing school nutrition programs, you’ll help create a healthier culture, improve healthy eating standards amongst the students and provide valuable education to families.

Childhood is a time of great discoveries and constant learning, when personalities are shaped and lifelong habits formed. It’s also the most intense period of mental development and physical growth in a person’s life, and requires proper nourishment in order for a child to thrive.

Sadly, many of our kids aren’t getting enough of what they need and too much of what they don’t need. As a result, 26% of Australian children between the ages of 5 and 14 are classified as overweight or obese. It’s a complex issue with many possible answers, but one of the simplest ways to address it right now is through better nutrition for kids and health education in our Perth schools.

Some of the topics we can speak about include:

Healthy lunchboxes

Food marketing to kids

Stress and nutrition

Make healthier choices at the supermarket

Fussy eaters

Alcohol and health

Processed food

Empowering your child to make healthier choices

For students

Student Incursions

There have been numerous studies done on the association between a poor diet and student behaviour, cognitive development and performance at school. We work with students of all ages and year groups to improve education on a range of benefits of healthy eating including better grades at school.  Our workshops are full of laughter, fun and activities to optimise the level of engagement and success with each group.  We come armed with resources to get your students learning through doing, and our programs have a long term positive impact on the students, their families and whole school communities in Perth. 

Nourish the whole family

Parent Workshops

Good nutrition starts at home and many Perth parents are confused about the myriad of healthy eating messages they see in the media every day. And, if you ask most parents, the one issue that frustrates them more than any other is fussy eating and what to feed their children.  We help to cut through the confusion and provide clear and concise information to empower parents to have the confidence to nourish their whole family in a time and budget friendly way.

Creating change

Staff Workshops

Occupational stress and burnout is increasingly common amongst those working in teaching and education with many finding it increasingly difficult to remain on top of their job.  Stress is a very subjective experience and one that has a strong link to the digestive system. The hormones produced during extended times of stress use more of certain nutrients which can put our bodies out of balance and can have a long-term effect on health if left untreated.

Our staff workshops address the topic of stress in the workplace and offer solutions and strategies through practical and easy to follow information. Making a few small changes to the way staff shop, cook and eat can help support their bodies in times of stress to minimise the long term effect it has on their mental and physical health.

“Thank you to Lisa and her team for the informative and interactive school nutrition programs provided to our pre-Kindy parents. Participants were fully engaged in the content provided and gave very positive feedback. The presenter was very knowledgeable and answered questions with ease. Providing the participants with hands on activities helped the group engage with the information as well as giving out information cards to take home ensured the newly acquired knowledge was not lost when they left the session. We look forward to inviting the Nutrition Force Perth team back to speak to our families again.”
Elspeth | CentreCare

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