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The keys to good health in bite size piecees

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There’s so much you can learn about health and wellbeing in just an hour! Our Super Series workshops have been designed to equip your staff with some essential skills and knowledge in fun and informative one-hour sessions. They can be squeezed into a lunchtime break and can be delivered as one-off sessions or as part of your own personalised Super Series.



Setting Personal Health Goals
Goals are essential in our lives because they provide meaning, purpose and direction. But for many of us, achieving our goals becomes a real challenge as we gradually lose focus and motivation. Often, the key to success is having a clear and structured strategy in place. The purpose of this workshop is to help participants set and structure their personal health goals, with an action plan to get results.

Takeaway vs. home cooking
We’re more time-poor than ever before, and yet the pressure to maintain a healthy lifestyle is ever increasing. When we feel like we have no time or energy to cook at the end of a busy day, takeaway often seems like the easiest option. This session looks at the various aspects of takeaway versus home cooking, such as time, cost and nutritional value. It also debunks some common myths and provides tips for quick cooking and meal planning, together with some great recipes to take home.

Diet busters
It’s time to bust some serious weight loss myths! This session puts fad diets under the microscope as we look at the pros and cons of many trendy diets. We challenge popular beliefs and quick-fix solutions and provide your staff with practical and sustainable knowledge to incorporate into everyday life. We also take the participants on a quick journey through the benefits and downsides of the blender revolution.

Nutrition know-how: Back to basics
There’s so much conflicting information about nutrition that knowing where to start can be a real challenge. This is a quick introduction to the principles of good nutrition, covering topics such as food variety, weight loss, food labels and practical advice for shopping, cooking and eating healthier.

Nutrition know-how: Take charge
In this workshop, we’ll show your staff how they can be the best they can be, either in life, sport or at work, by fuelling their bodies in the right way.

Stress and the Perfect Hormonal Storm
Stress has a strong link to the digestive system.  The hormones produced during times of stress use up a lot more of certain nutrients which can put our bodies out of balance.  This workshop explores the link between chronic stress from life events such as divorce, death, work etc., and abnormal weight change, either weight gain or weight loss as well as digestive upset. This course is designed to nutritionally inform individuals how to best support their body during extended stressful periods in their lives and get things back in to balance.

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