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Welcome to the Nutrition Force community. This page is where we share our favourite members recipes with you so you can shop, cook and eat your way to better health.  Don’t forget to rate the recipes so the whole community can benefit from your experiences.  Eat well, live well!


Salmon and Chive Patties with Roast VegetablesFeed your body with goodness with this meal. Tinned salmon (easy peasy!) made into patties and served with roast veggies will provide way more than your RDI for vitamins A & C and help to get your 2-3 weekly serves of fish in.
Lemon and Parsley Fish with Potato Wedges and VegetablesDon't get take away fish and chips that are full of fat. Make you own super healthy version that has 91% RDI of vitamin A, 100% RDI of vitamin B12 and 182% RDI for Vitamin C. Plus it's packed full of other nutrients such as fibre, iodine, and magnesium.
Black Beans BurgersThese burgers are so full of goodness they will knock your socks off! 30% of your RDI for calcium, iron and zinc, 20% of your RDI for iodine and Vitamin A and a whopping 105 mg of Vitamin C which is 235% of your RDI. Try these for meat free Monday this week!
Spanish Black Beans with BuckwheatThis meat free meal packs a whopping 22g protein, 434g Vitamin A, 228mg Vitamin C, 22g Fibre and 7mg Iron. Super delicious and super nutritious, you need to add this to your menu this week.
Stewed Fruit with Vanilla and Cinnamon YoghurtThis is a very versatile recipe that you can eat instead of high sugar, processed desserts. You can use fresh or frozen fruit, substitute the plums and apples for berries, stone or other fruit and eat it hot or cold. Make up a double batch and freeze some for a convenient treat when you feel like something yummy after dinner. Vegans can use a vegan or coconut yoghurt instead of natural yogurt.
Vegetable FrittataOh so yummy vegetable frittata. Serve this colourful frittata with a side salad for a light meal that will satisfy all your senses!
Mediterranean OmeletteThis recipe gives you variation in your cooking repertoire. One omelette provides 97% of your RDI for vitamin C which is great for helping to reduce stress levels and support your immune system. Plus it contains over 25% of your RDI for calcium too! Try it today.
Pumpkin (and curry) SoupA quick and easy soup to nourish your bones! It contains 38% of your RDI for calcium, 69% of your RDI for vitamin C and about 50% of your RDI for fibre plus so many more essential nutrients. Make a double batch and freeze for convenience.
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