There’s a saying “Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness”

One of our nutritionists is currently involved in research with those who are in palliative care.  One of the questions she asks respondents as part of her research is “do you wish you’d seen a dietitian earlier”.  Not surprisingly every person answers “YES”.  Every time!

Think about it.  If you were on your death bed from chronic disease and asked if you wished you had made any changes to your lifestyle earlier to prevent your illness, how do you think you’d answer?

Jump to our dietetic clinics and those who we see under referral from their GP.  While many attend their appointments and make the suggested changes and see improvement to their health, there are many who don’t.

We are constantly surprised at the number of clients who cancel appointments, don’t show up for appointments and those who don’t even bother returning our calls to make an appointment.  They are given every opportunity to make the necessary changes to their lifestyle by a whole team of health professionals but choose not to, until it’s too late.

Here are some real client scenarios we experience regularly:

  1. A 37YO female with a BMI of 35. No chronic disease, however she has high blood pressure & cholesterol, and insulin resistance (pre-diabetes).  She’s at a pivotal point in her life and has the chance to reverse the signs of chronic disease by making a few small changes to her lifestyle or do nothing and take one step closer to a life of medication and illness.
  2. A 10YO boy with ADHD and fussy eating habits who eats no fruit or vegetables at all (this is common in children with ADHD and autism). His BMI makes him underweight. His parents do not show up for appointments and do not follow the simple advice of the dietitian even though it has been explained that their child is at high risk of nutritional deficiencies if his intake of processed food is not reduced.
  3. A 47YO male who has type 2 diabetes and doesn’t know how to cook. He keeps cancelling his appointments and has been offered a free place in one of our cooking classes.  He says he is too busy to commit to either.

Think about it.  If you were one of these people what would you do?  If you were a family member or friend, what advice and support would you provide?  The answer is easy when we are asked hypothetically.

The message here is quite simple.  Take your health seriously and be sure to make yourself a priority.  If something isn’t working, find a way to fix it before it’s too late and if it’s too overwhelming for you, ask for help.  Don’t find yourself on your death bed regretting having missed an opportunity to live a long, healthy and active life.

If you or someone you know needs help with their health, Synergy Medical & Weight Loss Centre are a competent team of health professionals that include dietitians, psychologists and personal trainers to provide comprehensive support and advice.  We take your health seriously and we hope that you care enough to give us a call.


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